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At Media OutReach, we are dedicated to providing news release contents to reputable media outlets. We distribute diversified news release contents from numerous leading companies from across Asia Pacific, which are exclusive to us. Presently, Media OutReach is in partnership with many leading newswires and online media across Asia Pacific and internationally. We work with our media partner to create a win-win partnership.

Media OutReach's media release contents provide diversity of corporate news that enrich our partners' websites.

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AsiaOne is a news and lifestyle website which aggregates the rich content of Singapore Press Holdings' newspapers and magazines, as well as other top publications. The site also encompasses special interest sites which cover finance, technology, health, food, and various lifestyle topics.

For more information, please visit


The Associated Press is the backbone of the world's information system serving thousands of daily newspaper, radio, television and online customers with coverage in all media and news in all formats. It is the largest and oldest news organization in the world, serving as a source of news, photos, graphics, audio and video.


AirBTW is the destination for news and fresh articles about travel, life, entertainment, business and sports from Asia, U.K., U.S.A and Australia with blogs and original content offering coverage of the things that matter to people in their every day lives: is a local travel destination site for themes relating to Australia. Whether you are looking for pop headlines, celeb stories or knowledge about Australian happenings.


The aim of BizWire Express is to provide you with the latest information covering all aspects of your life. To achieve this we have tied up with a number of content partners from around the world, bringing you news in real time.

With our list of content partners growing, BizWire Express is on track to becoming one of the leading news Web sites on the Internet. is the largest lifestyle information portal in Central China, with millions visitors every day. The site provides information such as design, news, information, fashion, etc. is a youth portal that provides news, education, health, sports, politics, social, culture, pictures, entertainment, women, motor and tourism related information. is a business news and resource service based in Australia is a business news and views website which keeps you updated with the current affairs in the field of automobile, insurance, infrastructure, real estate, fmcg and every other sector.


Business Insider Malaysia is the Malaysian edition of the fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech and other industry verticals.


Business Insider Singapore is the Singapore edition of the fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech and other industry verticals.


Business News This Week is a leading news portal from Odisha, which has been focusing on major business, national news, financial news stories for long. Being a news portal, we do priority to cover stories in the national interest and in the interest of the business community.


Business Sandesh containing articles, opinion pieces, research studies, findings and news on Economy, Market, Finance, International Business, Sports, Politics, Science and Technology, Education, Health Care, Entertainment, Literature, Astro, Environment etc. is published in English and Hindi.

C is established in 2007, which aims to provide a b2b e-commerce transactions platform for the manufacturing industry in China. We are currently one of the most professional internet integrated service provider. is a large integrated e-commerce service platform, designed to provide e-commerce trading platform for Chinese suppliers and global buyers; providing professional, comprehensive e-commerce solutions for corporations; to help SMEs and foreign buyers to establish cooperation opportunity. is an important promotional platform for corporate brands, products, corporate culture and philosophy, as well as the most authoritative business and entrepreneurs' image promotion media.

CEO IM aims to promote entrepreneurial growth, provide the source for enterprise development. Our site includes: news, business trends, commentary, business characters, and core data, etc. We provide learning and communicating platform for entrepreneurs. is an influential e-commerce and information network media in China. We work for building e-commerce aggregation and promoting e-commerce development. is an independent operated website, offering the most comprehensive, accurate and timely finance information. is committed to offering real-time, rigorous and high-quality financial news for investors and businessmen in China. is a well-known Chinese news portal, also one of the original content providers of Chinese online news information. is the world's best Chinese financial information and communication platform. We aim at "disclosing financial information, putting effort in improving investor relations", and strive to scale up Chinese investor relations and financial information market.


Chinese eNews was established in September 13, 2006, a Chinese newspaper founded by the Chinese Nationalist Party. CD News issues about 600 news every day, providing the fastest and the most accurate news for Chinese around the world. CD News is now one of the top 100 Chinese electronic media in the world.


Content Party

Well-known writer Mary Pipher once said, "Writing to Change the World." We are convinced so we started Content Party. The content exchange service legally acquired and supply high quality content, while easy to obtain. Profit generated will feedback to the author, in order to encourage them to create better content to form a virtuous circle.


ChipsnWafers - aims to put together all the information that would help the electronics design engineer to create the best and simplest product designs.


DB Power was founded in January 2000 to serve the investing public in the new economy. With our comprehensive and continuously growing data base, we aim to provide our readers with resourceful information in readable form, and value-added content in easy to understand way of presentation.

In view of growing importance of applications of interactive communications, we also aim to provide a convenient communication channel for listed and unlisted corporations to communicate with their shareholders, investors and potential business partners.


Digital Media Online (DMO) has an extremely large portfolio of vertical publications serving professionals involved in all aspects of Digital Media, Broadcast Production, Enterprise & IT, Consumer Electronics, National and International News. Through extensive marketing, search engines and word-of-mouth, DMO receives over one million visits a month and is the industry's first choice for news, information and advertising opportunities. is one of the top visited technology blogs in India – who writes detailed smartphone reviews, apps and game reviews and most of the other technology products/ devices that tech savvy users might enjoy.


80end is founded in September 2006, after years of development, we are now the most influential online media within the post-80s people.


ET Net was established in 1994, is a member of HKET Holdings, with comprehensive financial news and information including real-time quotes, which make it the leader in financial service industry. ET Net News Agency was established in 2001, it expands the business mainly in China, and received the license from Xinhua News Agency in the same year, with the right to deliver foreign economy information in Mainland China.


ElectronicsB2B - Launched in February 2007, Electronicsb2b is India’s first sourcing website in the electronics space. The magazine aims to provide a B2B platform for the buying and selling of electronics products in India.


EHub is one of leading and very popular website which provide latest news related to electronic media right away from electronic industry in India


Explorer Motion is your food & travel news site. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the food & travel industry.


Factiva helps you make better business decisions faster with access to thousands of premium news and information sources, all in one place. Through its powerful search and alerting, it provides you with the exact information you need, when you need it. Factiva's unique level of insight cuts through the noise to help you discover new, business-critical information. provides comprehensive and timely information to global Chinese users, covering breaking news all over the world. We have different channels: news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, real estate, culture, etc.

G focuses on local e-commerce business in Guangxi. We provide 4 main services to SMEs: corporate image, information exchange, corporate news, human resources. provides local event highlights and fun things to do in Malaysia for a luxury travel experience.


Go Asia Plus is a travel website for all tourists to discover the wonders of Asia through shopping, food, culture and travelling.


HK Silicon IT Blogs is a communication platform providing valuable and instant information for creative professionals through selected blogs from bloggers all over the world.


Hong Kong I.T. News ( or, as one of the largest, independent, Hong Kong-based I.T. websites, dedicates to serving the internet users and clients of China, Hong Kong, and Macau since its incorporation in 2004 with a projection to achieve over a million viewing times by the end of 2014. Hong Kong I.T. News website covers a wide range of update topics including hardware, software, state-of-the-art I.T. products, and enterprise's latest news together with other useful information regarding the local and overseas I.T. markets.


Hpility SG is a digital lifestyle blog-portal which has been started in 2007. They provide lifestyle content coverage that includes travel guides featuring airlines and hotel stays, food, beauty, gadget reviews and entertainment news. Sharing with you the latest happenings and events from around the region. is a local news destination for news relating to New Zealand. Whether you are looking for pop headlines, celeb stories or knowledge about New Zealand happenings. We produce our own content covering local news, travel, music and events.


HR Asia targets the new breed of dynamic, mobile HR professionals that are now taking the HR scene in Asia by storm! No longer confined to the stereotypical supporting corporate roles, HR Asia readers are professionals with the distinction of being at the forefront of the industry who take leadership at strategic levels, beyond the traditional confines of human resource management functions.

I is a financial information portal. The motto of 88iv is "Invest with Vision". To help investors achieve this goal, 88iv collects, analyzes and organizes vast amount of financial data and news to provide investors with a full picture of the market before they make their investment decisions. 88iv strives to provide broad coverage of economic news and deep analysis of contents, and to link together contents and investments to empower investors to fully master their investment decisions. is the largest integrated information portal that offers news, financial, travel, food, health, lifestyle and other information services.


Ilan News Net is a Ilan general news website sharing travel, arts, technology, politic, exclusive, industry and breaking news. is a technology website focusing on positive growth stories in Asia and Philippines


Inside Recent is a go-to website that aims to capture latest happenings from a off-the-beaten-track perspective, giving readers the opportunity to digest informative news that is useful and purposeful.

Intellasia from the mid-2000s has provided wide-spread news coverage of East Asia and publishes over 2,000 articles each month. provides regularly updated articles, live news feeds and links to the essential sites for extensive top 40 pop chart music and entertainment news. All featured content on the site is managed by a dedicated team who strive to publish high quality content from a fresh and exciting, yet informative perspective

J aims to serve Chinese internet users, and strive to gather all the hot topics, timely dissemination of the latest information. targets to create the most influential news portal that helps to increase the level of social civilization. is an online media with financial information, news dissemination and financial knowledge. We aim to provide an information exchange platform for the financial elites and journalists.

K a new local destination relating to South Korea, Kpop, Music and Celebs.


LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of information and services solutions, including its flagship Web-based Lexis® and Nexis® research services, to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.

A member of Reed Elsevier [NYSE: ENL; NYSE: RUK] (, LexisNexis serves customers in 100 countries with 13,000 employees worldwide. is an integrated website; offering lifestyle, social hot topics, educational, game, finance, and environmental related information.


Manila Channel is a Philippine news trend and information sharing website. Our main objective is to freely express the real happenings, news and information involving Filipinos and the Philippines.


Morning News is established in July 16, 2003, is an integrated media. Our target readers are elites of the society, overseas Chinese, senior government officials, entrepreneurs, businessmen, industry experts and ordinary internet users.


Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We offer an extensive line of products and services for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, and retirement plan providers and sponsors.


The Middle East North Africa Financial Network, Inc. (MENAFN) is a leader in providing business & finance news to professionals all over the Middle East. Our online FREE offerings include the latest Arab & international business news, stock markets data, economic data, market researches & reports, company data, events & real estate listings in both Arabic & English. Established in June 2000, MENAFN has grown to become the undisputed leader in providing online financial content to institutions around the region. Eight out of the largest 10 banks in the Arab world are MENAFN clients. Seven out of Saudi Arabia's 10 commercial banks are clients.


Malay Mail Online is an independent online newspaper that covers the news of the day, whether it is in the field of politics or lifestyle.


Malaysia Internet is an one-stop online portal that promotes Internet usage in Malaysia. The portal intends to offer an informational guide on everything Internet related, mobile plans, smartphones, user discussion forum, latest technology news, online security and much more.

N officially released on January 28, 2012, now owns more than 50 integrated channels, releases around 1000 news every day. reports timely global economic news, which helps readers to have in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the latest changes in the world economy.


Navyug Sandesh containing articles, opinion pieces, research studies, findings and news on Economy, Market, Finance, International Business, Sports, Politics, Science and Technology, Education, Health Care, Entertainment, Literature, Astro., Environment etc. is published in English and Hindi.


Nanyang Post is a Chinese social, financial and cultural life website based in Singapore. With the perspective of Singapore and Southeast Asia, to provide detailed, objective and balanced news coverage.


Negosentro was created for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to share ideas and insights on how to grow their enterprise. is a famous business news portal in China. The site provides internet users with professional, timely and comprehensive information; contents include news, finance, business, real estate, automobile, luxury goods, health, etc.


News Patrolling is a leading Indian News Website. It is based of India, offering complete information related to India. Its targeting sectors include Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle, Automobile, Technology, and much more.


noTcomment is a on line media with themes on finance, property, knowledge and lifestyle content.


Oi Vietnam Ho Chi Minh city is a dynamic city, energetic and colorful. Oi goes further than anyone else to reflect the distinct voice, character and spirit of those who proudly call Vietnam home.


One News Page is a leading news portal website featuring original news coverage and syndicated content from trusted media outlets worldwide.

The One News Page website ( offers live access to breaking news, a comprehensive news archive of tens of millions of news articles as well as a fast-growing library of news-related video clips.

The site attracts an audience of news-seeking visitors from all around the World.


Our Daily News Online is a medium intended to deliver the latest breaking world news covering current events, entertainment, sports and technology, not to mention exclusive articles from bloggers, writers and media practitioners. is a travel news and video destination for tourist info relating to Europe.


OpenSourceForU - Open Source For You serves you open source related news, articles, interviews and case studies under one roof.


Odisha Samachar is a News Agency, Media House, Advertising and Public Relation farm in Public, Private and Govt. Sector all over India Registered under Indian Registration Act.1908.


PinoyTechSaga's main goal is to share up-to-date information regarding smartphones from Philippines and International, some tips on computers and internet, reviews on games such as online games (from MMORPG to MOBA) and offline games as well as android games.


Pitch Engine is part of a large media group that works with business managers to promote their products, services or events. Our publicity service assists startups and existing online and bricks and mortar businesses to promote people, new products and new branches. At Pitch Engine Australia we can place content across 16 independent high traffic new, magazine and ecommerce portals that are a part of our network.


Qi Hui Wang is the largest integrated B2B e-commerce platform in Henan, owns a huge enterprise library, product library and hundreds of thousands of suppliers, and compiles many merchandizing opportunities and the latest market information of all industries. Qi Hui Wang is most preferred site for all corporations that aim at product selling, market expansion and network promotion. is the largest youth integrated information portal in central part of China. upload large amount of news and information every day.


Established in 1998, Quamnet is a comprehensive professional financial website that brings together financial information, proprietary research and analytical tools. With a broad range of subscription services, Quamnet is the foremost source for subscription-based independent investment information in Hong Kong.

- Offering a wide range of subscription services with professional investment recommendations and advice

- Provider of comprehensive Hong Kong market news, investment ideas, Hong Kong Investment company news and global market news to popular PRC websites

- Organizer of financial conference, forum and training for investors or traders

- Host of Outstanding Enterprise Awards, recognizing the excellence of remarkable enterprises in HK


Samachar Live is global news portal with coverage within Asia as well as International boundaries. Portal is well known and most trusted for business update and its wide subscription and visitation globally.

Please visit :


Share Junction is Singapore's fastest growing financial portal! Since starting operations in late February 2006, ShareJunction's traffic has grown rapidly. Our users are mainly tertiary educated, high income PMEBs. is launched on 26 May. provides trading ideas everyday, as well as customized watchlist page - enabling investors to receive a personalized newsletter that's based on their watchlist, everyday. This is on top of the familiar and important financial history and figures, as well as a well-summarized curated research on listed companies in Singapore and Malaysia.


Sonhoo China offers a lot of business information and recommends many creditable enterprises for site members, to provide reference for the integrity of corporate economic activity.


Sina is a Chinese online media company for Chinese communities around the world. Sina operates four major business lines: Sina Weibo, Sina Mobile, Sina Online, and Sina has over 100 million registered users worldwide.


Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is incorporated in 1984, main board-listed and is Asia's leading media organisation, engaging minds and enriching lives across multiple languages and platforms.

Newspapers, and Magazines

SPH has 19 titles licensed under the Newspaper Printing and Presses Act, of which nine are daily newspapers across four languages. On an average day, 3.05 million individuals or 76 per cent of people above 15 years old, read one of SPH's news publications. SPH also publishes and produces more than 100 magazine titles in Singapore and the region, covering a broad range of interests from lifestyle to information technology.

Internet and Mobile

Beyond print, SPH's suite of digital products includes online editions of newspapers and magazines, as well as mobile applications. Our online products enjoy 360 million page views with 23 million unique browsers every month.


In the radio business, SPH Radio Pte Ltd operates entertainment stations UFM 100.3 in Mandarin, as well as Kiss92 and HOT FM91.3 in English.

SPH has a 20 per cent stake in MediaCorp TV Holdings Pte Ltd, which operates free-to-air channels 5, 8 and U, and a 40 per cent stake in MediaCorp Press Limited, which publishes the free newspaper, Today.


The Selangor Information Technology & E-Commerce Council (SITEC) was established by the Selangor State Government under the secretariat of Invest Selangor to develop Selangor as the regional trading hub for e-commerce and to uplift the startup ecosystem.


SME Magazine is Southeast Asia's best-selling business magazine. Dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs, we feature current news and in-depth analysis, with practical tips and articles written in your language. We deliver business intelligence, made simple. offers regular updates and the site has built a loyal and growing group of followers. These updates include market headlines, as well as technology, science and business developments. All featured content on the site is managed by a dedicated team who strive to publish high quality content from a fresh and informative perspective.


Found in 2001, Taiwan Business News Network is one of the leading business news platforms in Taiwan. It provides free publish service to all companies from all over the world to gather various information and present it to readers in real time. News on Taiwan Business News Network include Business News, Technology News, Finance News, Consumer News, Culture News, and Event News. Visit us now at


TechRoomage provides free software downloads to users and the latest technology news, so the readers understand the latest trends of technology.


Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests. provides business news in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other Chinese-reading regions, especially trend reports from different industries and corporations, contents include text, images and multimedia. is a online travel platform, which aims to promote Individual Traveling or Backpack Traveling.From our platform, you will meet other "Travel-holic", travel stories, travel tips, funny places in any countries.We are your best tour guide to travel with. Stay out your comfort zone. Let's go travel now!For any co-operation, please contact


Established in 1999, TravelKing has been operated by DFone Technology Corporation since late 2008.  This website continues to serve as an internet provider of abundant tourist information of Taiwan, including Travel Maps, Travel Guides, Scenery Spots, Gallery of Scenic Pictures, Lodgings, and Transportation Information.  It also offers travel services to individual and corporate customers, including domestic and international travel, and hotel accommodation.


The Hans India is a news portal which strives to keep you hooked on to news-as it happens. Our team aims to keep you abreast with whatever is making headlines across the world including politics, business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment.


The Headline Stories ( curates the latest news stories in Singapore, Mauritius and also includes your favourite regional topics such as food, lifestyle, technology, startups, business and money.


The Iskandarian Online is the online portal for The Iskandarian print newspaper. It is the official newspaper for Iskandar Malaysia’s economic corridor region of Johor, Malaysia. We focus on community news and highlighting issues crucial to the achievement of an metropolis of international standing.

U is an updated events site with calendar highlights relating to the USA.


Vulcan Post is a digital lifestyle publication based in Singapore and Malaysia. We bring the latest news and happenings to over 500,000 monthly readers. Vulcan Post is all about living life with a digital edge, up and coming startups, and people who inspires conversation. has good ideas about fun things to do in Vietnam and travel information for trips in and out of Vietnam.

W serves majority of internet users and online media, provides diverse information services quickly and accurately. It offers rich contents; distribute more than 200 articles daily. strives to become the most informative and interactive news portal in China. brings you a global market overview, ideas about venture capital, technology, investing and policy, focusing on the business aspects of global financial markets research, global spending, market analysis, salary surveys, and career advice, time management tips and techniques.


Woah.MY, an online Entertainment & Lifestyle news portal that aims to provide the latest news coverage in Asia.

X is one of the largest Internet service providers in China. aims at providing "one-stop online service" to the users, including Internet value-added services, mobile and telecommunications value-added services and online advertising services.


Xin Zhong News is a comprehensive online news portal. Xin Zhong News mainly serves the Chinese citizens, real-time reporting of news around the world. We aim to become China's most professional online news portal. is the latest and most comprehensive integrated portal. We gather many excellent media platforms, so everybody enjoy information sharing. currently offers 15 channels: finance, entertainment, sports, technology, tourism, education, training, games, etc. is a news dissemination website, designed to offer business customers and business users a channel to disseminate their press release.


Yahoo is focused on making the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining - whether you're searching the web, emailing friends, sharing photos with family, or simply checking the weather, sports scores or stock quotes.


Yam was founded in 1998, is the first portal in Taiwan, it has non-repeat users up to nearly 5 million per month, the average daily number of non-repeat visitors is 1.8 million. In 2010, Yam further extend the content of the website, channels include: news, finance, Yam kids, Yam travel, broadband TV, Yam blog etc.


YunJuu Net ( contains information from internet and IT blogs. It aims to provide users with the latest content and improve consumers' news reading experience. produces updated articles, news feeds and links to the essential sites for the latest information from airlines, travel guides and experienced travellers and a whole lot more, meaning is the go-to source for fashion information and insight for Thailand.

Z is an integrated portal that offers the most concerned news, education, health. sports, politics, social, culture, entertainment, female, automobile, tourism, etc. committed to provide timely Chinese information for all users. Our contents cover local and international breaking news, entertainment & fashion, industry news, product promotion and other business information. is the largest comprehensive news portal in China. We have a team of efficient editors, directly tracking and reporting the latest entertainment and integrated news.