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How Hwee Yin, Consultant, PR Communications Singapore

“Their comprehensive and continuously updated database of media and journalists is the main reason they stand out from the numerous news distribution services out there”

Jasmine Yap, Executive Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson

“They have a solid media database, and as a result, the post coverage report is usually comprehensive. Media OutReach’s media monitoring service is customizable, with a user-friendly portal that helps us track, manage and generate reports easily. Overall, we are pleased with the services provided and recommend it.”

Florence Fang, Managing Director, Flame Communications

“The team is professional, and always try to go the extra mile to help. Plus their comprehensive media database gives us an extra boost, on top on the PR services that we provide to our clients. That’s a win-win partnership.”

Sharon Vu, formerly Marcoms Manager Far East Hospitality (now Marketing Manager with Kitchen Language)

“Their service provides us with a macro view of our trackings, and their real-time analysis service provides a convenient, all-in-one approach to our PR value received. With these findings, my team is able to generate detailed reports for all our properties, thereby streamlining our work that covers 8 countries in Asia Pacific.”

Louisa Wong, Senior Director Investor Relations, Xiao Nan Guo Holdings Limited

“Media OutReach has a very efficient media system that enables journalists to send through interview requests or questions, enabling a direct two-way communication, not seen in other newswire services.”

Ines Chin, Senior PR & Corporate Relations Manager, Asia Pacific, British Telecom(BT)

“I have used Media OutReach’s news monitoring services for years. The thing I like best about their portal is the coverage reports it generates.”

Latest Press Release - Food

FOOD TAIPEI 5-in-1 Mega Expo
Apr 01, 2019 21:00 HKT

A 5-in-1 Expo Featuring Food Taipei, Foodtech & Bio/Pharmatech, Taipei Pack, Taiwan Horeca, and Halal Taiwan   The scale of this 5-in-1 Mega Expo has reached a new peak and advanced into nine cities!   TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 1 April 2019 - TAITRA...

Mar 29, 2019 19:00 HKT

業績全方位穩健增長 收入錄得人民幣18.2億元 按年升15.4%

摘要 收入按年增加15.4% 至人民幣18.18億元經調整淨利潤[1]按年增加13.0%至人民幣2.13億元建議派發末期股息每股普通股人民幣2分線上渠道(包括電商平台及微信會員店)收入按年大增 64.0%線下渠道(直營專櫃)增至3,895個,收入升至人民幣14.79億元   財務摘要            截至12月31日止年度 /於12月31日 (人民幣千元)...

Natural Food International Announces 2018 Annual Results
Mar 29, 2019 19:00 HKT

Recorded a Comprehensive Solid Growth Revenue Increased by 15.4% y-o-y to RMB1,818.1 million

Results Highlights   Revenue increased by 15.4% to RMB1,818.1 million y-o-yAdjusted net profit[1] increased by 13.0% to RMB213.0 million y-o-yRecommended the payment of a final dividend of RMB0.02 per ordinary shareRevenue from online channels including both E-commerce platforms and WeChat...

五谷磨房食品國際控股有限公司全球發售 集資總額最多約8.84億港元
Nov 28, 2018 19:20 HKT


Natural Food International Holding Limited to Raise a Maximum of Approximately HK$884.1million by Way of Global Offering
Nov 28, 2018 19:20 HKT

 Highlights The Group is the second largest natural health food company in China as measured by retail sales value in 2017. [2]"Wugu Mofang" (五谷磨房) brand is the most widely-recognized natural health food brand in China, and ranked first in terms of top-of-mind brand awareness and customer...

Nov 16, 2018 09:00 HKT

新一代港式奶茶師傅以技藝貢獻社會 跨界別協作開辦「新一代港式奶茶師傅訓練班」 致力保育本土重要文化遺產 為學員提供茶餐廳實戰機會 培訓中學生成為少年奶茶師開拓職涯視野   香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2018年11月16日-...

What a Wonderful European Beef 歐洲牛肉首次登陸香港
Oct 12, 2018 23:00 HKT

香港, 中國 - Media OutReach - 2018年10月12日 -  2018年9月14日,歐盟產品推介項目What a Wonderful European Beef...

What a Wonderful European Beef
Oct 12, 2018 23:00 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - October 12, 2018 - On September 14th the first events of the European Union Promotion Campaign called "What a Wonderful European Beef!" took place in Hong Kong. This campaign is co-financed by the European Union. Provacuno, organism in...

體驗香濃幼滑品味 感受地道港式風味 捷榮夥香港麥當勞「奶茶Morning Call」再派1,000杯港式奶茶
Aug 06, 2018 15:30 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2018年8月6日 - 綜合 B2B 咖啡及紅茶餐飲策劃服務供應商捷榮國際控股有限公司(「捷榮」及其子公司:「集團」;股票編號:2119),宣佈集團再度聯乘香港麥當勞於8月8 日舉辦「奶茶Morning Call」,在指定麥當勞餐廳免費派發1,000杯凍或熱港式奶茶*,分享香濃幼滑的港式味道。  ...

秉承香港獨有味道 分享濃郁細滑滋味
May 15, 2018 16:30 HKT

捷榮「全港奶茶日」夥香港麥當勞每分店派1,000杯港式奶茶 香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2018年5月15日 - 綜合 B2B 咖啡及紅茶餐飲策劃服務供應商捷榮國際控股有限公司(「捷榮」及其子公司:「集團」;股票編號:2119),宣佈集團首度聯乘香港麥當勞於明天舉行首個「全港奶茶日」,在每間麥當勞餐廳免費派發1,000杯熱港式奶茶,分享濃郁細滑的香港味道。...

BAKE CHEESE TART中秋節推應節包裝慶團圓 加入濃郁新「芝」味 增添北海道名忌廉芝士入饌
Sep 26, 2017 18:30 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年9月26日 - 中秋佳節即將來臨,BAKE CHEESE TART香港店亦入鄉隨俗,首次為包裝添新意!包裝外貼上一張「玉兔跨月」的貼紙,成為除傳統月餅以外的送禮新選擇!另外,BAKE CHEESE TART由開業以來一直貫徹其「用心製作・帶給客人驚喜與感動」的品牌概念,最近不但換上全新品牌標誌,所屬的研發團隊更改良了芝士撻的口味,在原材料中再新加入一款北海道產的忌廉芝士! 換句話說,現時的芝士撻是由4款不同種類的忌廉芝士製作而成,無論是口感或味道均比以往來得軟滑香濃,令人一試愛上。   香港首推期間限定包裝慶中秋...

New Japanese Eatery Opens: Mouth-watering Katsu on Miniature Fry Pans
Sep 11, 2017 15:30 HKT

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 11 September 2017 - Katsu lovers can look forward to a taste-bud-tickling meal with the introduction of an authentic Japanese eatery serving katsu-concepts at digestible price tags. Located within Japan Foods Garden, Fry Pan Shokudo (Fry Pan "canteen") is the latest...

Apr 06, 2017 13:30 HKT


香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年4月6日 - 本港餐飲娛樂集團高門集團有限公司 (「高門」及其子公司:「集團」;港交所股份代號:8412),今天公佈於香港公開發售股份結果,香港公開發售錄得逾100倍超額認購,發售價定為每股0.34港元,定價為接近發售價範圍上限。高門股份將於2017年4月7日(星期五)於香港聯合交易所有限公司創業板開始買賣。  ...

BCI Group Holdings Limited announces its subscription results
Apr 06, 2017 13:30 HKT

Recorded more than 100 times over-subscription for its public offer

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 6 April 2017 - BCI Group Holdings Limited ("BCI", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; HKSE: 8412), a food and beverage and entertainment group based in Hong Kong, announces the subscription results for its shares (the "Shares") under the public offer...

Rooting For A Cause with Toast Box and ABLE’s Sixth-year Milestone
Sep 15, 2016 14:30 HKT

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Sep 15, 2016 - To mark its sixth year milestone, Toast Box goes a step further with non-profit charity organization, ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations), to join hands with beneficiaries to raise awareness and funds for ABLE's rehabilitation, respite...

Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Love And Tradition From Thye Moh Chan
Jul 25, 2016 12:00 HKT

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Jul 25, 2016 - Thye Moh Chan, an iconic local Teochew confectionary brand with a 70-year old heritage is proud to present their much-anticipated traditional Teochew mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. Savour the familiar taste of its flaky-skinned mooncakes such as...

Pret A Manger推出簡便快捷Petit經營模式 於逆市開拓新店 宣揚英式健康飲食文化
Jul 11, 2016 16:00 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2016年7月11日 - 帶領健康生活潮流的Pret A Manger了解有營快餐飲食文化將會成為香港都市人生活的重要一環,決定於本年度第三及第四季逆市擴展,引入全新的店鋪經營模式-- Petit Pret,並於部分港鐵站沿線以店鋪模式運作。新店鋪以Petit的簡便快捷模式經營,貫徹Pret A...

Petit Pret - The New Concept Model of Pret A Manger
Jul 11, 2016 16:00 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 11 July 2016 - Pret A Manger has been very popular and convenient to the travelling public since it first opened at IFC in 2002. Pret is recognised as the most effective high-volume, high-quality food and coffee operator in the market today. The wide range...

A New Brainwave from Deliveroo
Apr 04, 2016 14:30 HKT

Deliveroo working with top scientists to develop telepathic food ordering*

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Apr 4, 2016 - Ordering food with the power of your mind could be on the horizon says scientistsDeliveroo unveils new telepathy technology set to revolutionise the app worldWith the use of a small computer chip, hungry customers will be able to think their way to...

Celebrate Easter with Deliveroo’s Easter Promotion
Mar 23, 2016 13:00 HKT

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 23 March 2016 - In the spirit of Easter, Deliveroo, the on-demand premium food delivery service, is celebrating the occasion with its very own Easter Promotion! Fans of the service will be pleased to know that Deliveroo has plenty of wonderful treats in store for...

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