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Clients Testimonial
How Hwee Yin, Consultant, PR Communications Singapore

“Their comprehensive and continuously updated database of media and journalists is the main reason they stand out from the numerous news distribution services out there”

Jasmine Yap, Executive Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson

“They have a solid media database, and as a result, the post coverage report is usually comprehensive. Media OutReach’s media monitoring service is customizable, with a user-friendly portal that helps us track, manage and generate reports easily. Overall, we are pleased with the services provided and recommend it.”

Florence Fang, Managing Director, Flame Communications

“The team is professional, and always try to go the extra mile to help. Plus their comprehensive media database gives us an extra boost, on top on the PR services that we provide to our clients. That’s a win-win partnership.”

Sharon Vu, formerly Marcoms Manager Far East Hospitality (now Marketing Manager with Kitchen Language)

“Their service provides us with a macro view of our trackings, and their real-time analysis service provides a convenient, all-in-one approach to our PR value received. With these findings, my team is able to generate detailed reports for all our properties, thereby streamlining our work that covers 8 countries in Asia Pacific.”

Louisa Wong, Senior Director Investor Relations, Xiao Nan Guo Holdings Limited

“Media OutReach has a very efficient media system that enables journalists to send through interview requests or questions, enabling a direct two-way communication, not seen in other newswire services.”

Ines Chin, Senior PR & Corporate Relations Manager, Asia Pacific, British Telecom(BT)

“I have used Media OutReach’s news monitoring services for years. The thing I like best about their portal is the coverage reports it generates.”

Latest Press Release - Travel-and-Leisure

Dec 08, 2017 12:00 HKT

通过"Discover Qatar"进行实地考察 80位来自大中华区、日本、韩国的旅业代表齐聚多哈,感受魅力卡塔尔 卡塔尔航空在北亚地区开通10条航线  卡塔尔成为备受瞩目的新兴旅游目的地   中国,北京 - Media OutReach - 2017年12月8日 - 11月19日至11月22日期间,卡塔尔航空公司(以下简称"卡塔尔航空")邀请来自大中华区、日本、韩国的80位旅业代表齐聚多哈,在旗下目的地管理公司"Discover Qatar"的组织下对卡塔尔进行实地访问和考察。对于北亚地区的旅客而言,卡塔尔多哈正在成为其转机中途停留或旅游度假的新兴目的地。...

Dec 06, 2017 10:00 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年12月6日 - 聖誕節是普天同慶的的日子,最好的慶祝方式莫過於與家人好友共聚,同渡佳節。今個聖誕,HABITŪ已經準備就緒,張羅了不同的佳餚美點,為客人打點一切,提供一站式的服務。當中包括一系列華麗可愛的禮品套裝、富創意及節日氣息於一身的佳節限定菜式及派對必須的到會餐飲服務,定能讓客人與親朋好友歡渡一個完美的聖誕及除夕。除此以外,HABITŪ誠邀了城中名模及甜品師Amanda Strang為其獨家設計了數款佳節甜點,為客人送上一點甜蜜。   聖誕甜點...

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With HABITŪ
Dec 06, 2017 10:00 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - Dec 6, 2017 - There's no better way to celebrate Christmas than by gathering family and friends together, and this holiday season, Hong Kong's neighbourhood caffé, HABITŪ, is here to help. A one-stop-shop for all your festive food and drink, HABITŪ is offering...

Versi baru A Symphony of Lights yang spektakular dan Pertunjukan Hong Kong Pulse Light Show versi musim dingin telah hadir
Dec 05, 2017 09:30 HKT

Penampilan memukau di tepi pantai meriahkan Natal di Hong Kong   HONG KONG, RRC - Media OutReach - 5 Des 2017 - Dua pertunjukan lampu spektakular di Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong -- versi baru pertunjukan lampu yang tidak asing lagi di seluruh dunia, A Symphony of Light serta versi Musim...

12월 1일부터 더욱 황홀해지는 홍콩의 밤
Dec 05, 2017 09:30 HKT

-새로워지는 심포니오브라이트 더욱 화려해, 3D펄스 레이져쇼도 눈과 얼음, 스노우스톰을 주제로 올 겨울 더욱 아름답게 빛난다 홍콩 - Media OutReach - 2017년 12월 5일 - 심포니 오브 라이트 쇼는 매일 밤 8시에 홍콩 빅토리아하버의 고층 건물들 사이로 펼쳐지는 건물들의 레이저 쇼 공연이다. 쇼는 10분 동안 계속된다. 빅토리아 하버의 40여 개의 빌딩에서 펼쳐지는 공연은 오케스트라의 교향악, 조명, 레이저빔 으로 이루어져 또 다른...

Dec 05, 2017 09:30 HKT

新バーションの「シンフォニー・オブ・ライツ」と「香港パルスライトショー」スタート香港、中国 - Media OutReach - 2017年12月5日 - 香港では2つのライトショー「シンフォニー・オブ・ライツ」の新バージョンと、「香港パルスライトショー」がスタートしました。香港のクリスマスをダイナミックな照明効果で輝かせてくれるこのワールドクラスの2つのライトショーは、躍動感のあるライティング効果でビクトリア・ハーバーを彩り、氷の世界を演出するイリュージョンで香港文化センターを照らし、クリスマスシーズンの香港を盛り上げます。   【シンフォニー・オブ・ライツ】...

Dec 01, 2017 23:00 HKT

灯光荟萃映照冬日维港 冰雪效果满载浓厚圣诞气氛 中国,香港  -  Media OutReach - 2017年12月1日 -...

Dec 01, 2017 23:00 HKT

燈光薈萃映照冬日維港 冰雪效果滿載濃厚聖誕氣氛 香港,中國 - Media OutReach -...

Spectacular new version of A Symphony of Lights and Winter version of Hong Kong Pulse Light Show unveiled
Dec 01, 2017 23:00 HKT

Dazzling harbourside performances brighten up Hong Kong Christmas   HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - Dec 1, 2017 - Two spectacular light shows over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour -- the new version of the internationally acclaimed nightly multi-media light show A Symphony of Light and the...

Angelababy 為2018年打響頭炮 女神駕蒞香港杜莎夫人蠟像館
Nov 30, 2017 10:30 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年11月30日 - 香港杜莎夫人蠟像館宣布Angelababy (楊穎) 即將加入一眾時尚巨星,成為2018年首位全新女藝人進駐。她的蠟像將於明年2月入駐「時尚專區」,並將會穿上Angelababy 於活動時穿著的DIOR晚裝美艷登場。Angelababy更落實出席蠟像揭幕儀式,誠邀影迷一同見證「另一個Baby」的誕生。 Angelababy...

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Kicks Off 2018 with Angelababy
Nov 30, 2017 10:30 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 30 November 2017 - Madame Tussauds Hong Kong announced that Angelababy (Yeung Wing) will join other Fashion celebrities and become the first female artist features in Fashion Zone. Angelababy and her figure are set to dazzle at The Peak with the DIOR dress...

企業仍感出差安全風險高企 增預防緩解措施 惟忽略整體策略
Nov 29, 2017 16:30 HKT

2018年《旅遊風險地圖》評估各國醫療和旅遊安全風險 近六成企業為保員工人身安全更改出差計劃;另四成三因自然災害作出修改 六成三企業決策者認為過去一年出差風險增加;但九成企業忽視風險緩解措施   香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年11月29日 -...

Organisations make strides in planning for the unknown as risk perception remains high, but major business resilience aspects are being missed
Nov 29, 2017 16:30 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 29 November 2017 - International SOS today reveals the latest insights into the actions and attitudes of business decision-makers when it comes to the health, safety and security of their global mobile workforce. The Ipsos MORI Global Business Resilience Trends...

Christmas in the Air @ Harbour City
Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

การประดับตกแต่งสถานที่กลางแจ้งต้อนรับเทศกาลคริสต์มาสใกล้กับ Victoria Harbour พร้อมการแสดงโดรนครั้งแรกในฮ่องกง   ฮ่องกง, ประเทศจีน - Media OutReach - 23 พฤศจิกายน 2017 - การแสดงแสงสีต้อนรับเทศกาลคริสต์มาสประจำปีของ Harbour City...

Christmas in the Air @ Harbour City
Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

Hiasan Natal di Victoria Harbour dan Pertunjukan Drone Pertama di Hong Kong   HONG KONG, RRC - Media OutReach - 23 November 2017 - Kerlap-kerlip lampu hiasan Natal yang selalu hadir setiap tahun di Harbour City merupakan daya tarik Hong Kong yang wajib dilihat. Mulai dari tanggal 21...

하버 시티, 하늘 속 크리스마스 행사 개최
Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

빅토리아항 옆에 크리스마스 야외 장식, 홍콩 최초 드론 쇼 열릴 예정   홍콩 - Media OutReach - 2017년 11월 23일 - 하버 시티(Harbour City)가 매년 선보이는 야외 크리스마스 조명 전시 행사는 놓칠 수 없는 홍콩의 볼거리 중 하나다. 방문객들은 2017년 11월 21일부터 2018년 1월 1일까지 3척의 거대한 산타 비행선을 하버 시티 앞마당에서 확인할 수 있으며 가족, 친구들과 함께 산타 비행선에 탑승할 기회를 가지게 된다. 하버 시티가 올해 마련한 또 다른 깜짝 이벤트로는 홍콩...

Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

ビクトリア・ハーバーの隣にクリスマス屋外デコレーション、香港初のドローンショーも開催 香港、中国 - Media OutReach - 2017年11月23日 -...

傳遞快樂‧聖誕「喜」飛 @海港城
Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

維港海旁大型戶外聖誕燈飾‧呈獻香港首個無人機空中表演 香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年11月23日 - 海港城每年的聖誕燈飾必定成為城中焦點,今年更為大家帶來「飛」一般的驚喜! 由2017年11月21日至2018年1月1日期間,海運大廈露天廣場將會化身成為「空中之城」,三艘巨型聖誕飛船會載大家穿越星空,大家還可以登上廣場上最大的一艘飛船,一起冲上雲霄,尋找快樂聖誕! 在週末期間海港城更為大家帶來香港首個無人機空中表演;再配合現場燈效、LED小提琴演奏及Hoop呼拉圈舞蹈,增添節日的歡樂氣氛。  「海港城」商場"Christmas...

传递快乐‧圣诞「喜」飞 @海港城
Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

维港海旁大型户外圣诞灯饰‧呈献香港首个无人机空中表演   香港,中国 - Media OutReach -  2017年11月23日 - 海港城每年的圣诞灯饰必定成为城中焦点,今年更为大家带来「飞」一般的惊喜!  2017年11月21日至2018年1月1日期间,海运大厦露天广场将会化身成为「空中之城」,三艘巨型圣诞飞船会带领大家穿越星空,大家更可以登上广场最大的一艘飞船,一起冲上云霄,寻找快乐圣诞!...

Christmas in the Air @ Harbour City
Nov 23, 2017 11:30 HKT

Outdoor Christmas decorations beside Victoria Harbour with the first drone show in Hong Kong   HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - November 23, 2017 - Harbour City's annual outdoor Christmas lighting display is one of Hong Kong's must-see attractions. Starting from November 21st, 2017 to...

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