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Clients Testimonial
How Hwee Yin, Consultant, PR Communications Singapore

“Their comprehensive and continuously updated database of media and journalists is the main reason they stand out from the numerous news distribution services out there”

Jasmine Yap, Executive Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson

“They have a solid media database, and as a result, the post coverage report is usually comprehensive. Media OutReach’s media monitoring service is customizable, with a user-friendly portal that helps us track, manage and generate reports easily. Overall, we are pleased with the services provided and recommend it.”

Florence Fang, Managing Director, Flame Communications

“The team is professional, and always try to go the extra mile to help. Plus their comprehensive media database gives us an extra boost, on top on the PR services that we provide to our clients. That’s a win-win partnership.”

Sharon Vu, formerly Marcoms Manager Far East Hospitality (now Marketing Manager with Kitchen Language)

“Their service provides us with a macro view of our trackings, and their real-time analysis service provides a convenient, all-in-one approach to our PR value received. With these findings, my team is able to generate detailed reports for all our properties, thereby streamlining our work that covers 8 countries in Asia Pacific.”

Louisa Wong, Senior Director Investor Relations, Xiao Nan Guo Holdings Limited

“Media OutReach has a very efficient media system that enables journalists to send through interview requests or questions, enabling a direct two-way communication, not seen in other newswire services.”

Ines Chin, Senior PR & Corporate Relations Manager, Asia Pacific, British Telecom(BT)

“I have used Media OutReach’s news monitoring services for years. The thing I like best about their portal is the coverage reports it generates.”

Latest Press Release - Travel-and-Leisure

Oct 16, 2018 08:55 HKT

阿麗拉、Destination、Joie de Vivre、Thompson和tommie將納入凱悅旗下, 進一步擴展凱悅生活方式及健康休閒品牌,服務全球高端旅客   香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2018年10月16日 - 凱悅酒店集團 (紐約證券交易所代碼:H) 今日宣佈,已達成協議收購Two Roads Hospitality。Two Roads Hospitality是一家業務遍佈全球的時尚生活酒店管理集團,在全球擁有一系列獨具特色的品牌、物業以及不斷發展的酒店專案。  ...

2018年香港單車節首度將激烈的Hammer Series總決賽引進亞洲
Oct 15, 2018 17:00 HKT

14支頂級職業單車隊和數千名的單車愛好者 馳騁於城市之中,沿著優美的維多利亞港飽覽香港著名地標   中國香港 - Media OutReach - 2018年10月15日 - 一年一度不可錯過的國際級單車活動 - 第四屆「新鴻基地產香港單車節」於10月14日舉行,吸引超過5,400名的專業單車手和單車愛好者於香港激戰飛馳。國際單車聯盟(UCI)亞洲巡迴賽1.1級賽事「Hammer香港站」是歐洲「Hammer Series」競賽首度登臨亞洲且唯一的一站,共有11支國際單車聯盟世界巡迴賽車隊(UCI WorldTour Team)、3支職業洲際車隊以及香港單車隊競逐錦標。...

顶级车手激战2018香港单车节 Hammer Series决赛首度登陆亚洲
Oct 15, 2018 17:00 HKT

14支顶级专业单车队和数千单车爱好者 沿维多利亚港及地标建筑骑行穿过城市饱览秀丽风光   中国香港 - Media OutReach - 2018年10月15日 - 10月14日,一年一度的「新鸿基地产香港单车节」开幕,吸引逾5,400名专业单车选手及爱好者参与。「新鸿基地产香港单车节」已连续四年成为享誉国际的单车活动。 11支国际单车联盟世界巡回赛车队(UCI WorldTour Team)、3支职业洲际车队,及香港国家队在「Hammer香港站」角逐,这是国际职业「Hammer...

Hong Kong Cyclothon 2018 Menghadirkan Final Perdana yang Sengit dari Seri Hammer di Asia
Oct 15, 2018 17:00 HKT

14 Tim Balap Sepeda Profesional Peringkat Teratas dan Ribuan Pencinta Balap Sepeda Mengayuh di Sepanjang Kota Menyusuri Pelabuhan Victoria dan Tonggak Sejarah Utama yang Indah   HONG KONG, TIONGKOK - Media OutReach - 15 Oktober 2018 - Pada tanggal 14 Oktober, lebih dari 5.400...

香港サイクロソン2018 ハンマーシリーズの激戦最終レースをアジア初開催
Oct 15, 2018 17:00 HKT

世界トップランキングの14のプロチームと数千におよぶサイクリング愛好家が 美しいビクトリア・ハーバーや観光名所沿いに街中をペダルを漕ぐ   香港 - Media OutReach - 2018年10月15日 - 香港政府観光局は、10月14日に、毎年恒例のサイクルイベント「Sun Hung Kai Properties...

빅토리아 하버를 달린다-2018 홍콩 사이클로톤, 아시아에서 처음 열린 Hammer Series 환상의 도심 속 질주
Oct 15, 2018 17:00 HKT

홍콩 - Media OutReach - 2018년 10월 15일 - 5,400명이 넘는 사이클 선수와 동호인들이 10월 14일 연례 사이클 대회인 홍콩 사이클로톤(Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon)에 참가해 홍콩 전역을 질주했다. 올해로 4회째를 맞는 본 행사는 해외 사이클 분야에서는 놓치지 말아야 할 이벤트로 꼽힌다.국제사이클연맹(UCI) 소속 WorldTour 팀 11개와 Pro Continental 팀 3개, 그리고 홍콩 국가대표팀은 Hammer Hong Kong에서...

2018 Hong Kong Cyclothon Brings the First Fierce Finale of the Hammer Series to Asia
Oct 15, 2018 17:00 HKT

14 Top-ranked Pro Cycling Teams and Thousands of Cycling Lovers Pedalled through the City along Picturesque Victoria Harbour and Key Landmarks   HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 15 October 2018 - On 14 October, more than 5,400 cycling professionals and...

เปิดตัว Worldwide Hotels Group ของสิงคโปร์
Oct 15, 2018 12:45 HKT

ด้วยโรงแรม 6 แบรนด์ในสิงคโปร์และโรงแรมอื่นๆ กว่า 8 แห่งในต่างประเทศ Worldwide Hotels พร้อมที่จะขยายสู่ตลาดโลก   สิงคโปร์ - Media OutReach - 15 ตุลาคม 2018 - ด้วยการรวมตัวของ Hotel 81, Venue Hotel, V Hotel, Hotel Boss และ Hotel Mi ภายในเครือเดียวกัน Worldwide Hotels...

Launch of Worldwide Hotels Group, Singapore
Oct 15, 2018 12:45 HKT

With six brands in Singapore, and over eight properties overseas, Worldwide Hotels is on track for global expansion  SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 October 2018 - With the consolidation of Hotel 81, Value Hotel, Venue Hotel, V Hotel, Hotel Boss, and Hotel Mi under...

Oct 11, 2018 10:00 HKT

進駐馬鞍山帶來全新購物體驗  香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2018年10月11日 - 近年香港人特別著重Worklife Balance (工作與生活平衡),於空餘時間與三五知己或家人出走外地,開展一趟趟的難忘旅程。有的上天下海挑戰自我,有的展開異國風情深度遊。作為一站式旅遊及戶外用品專門店,1000MILES提供不同類型的裝備,為大家的每趟旅程作好準備。搜羅世界級戶外品牌...

1000MILES - The First Airport themed retail shop in Hong Kong
Oct 11, 2018 10:00 HKT

Introducing a new shopping experience to Ma On Shan   HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 11 October 2018 - Work Life Balance is gaining more awareness among Hong Kongers in recent years. People love to explore the world with family and friends and...

Launch of Worldwide Hotels Group, Singapore
Oct 09, 2018 14:00 HKT

With six brands in Singapore, and over eight properties overseas, Worldwide Hotels is on track for global expansion    SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 9 October 2018 - With the consolidation of Hotel 81, Value Hotel, Venue Hotel, V Hotel, Hotel Boss, and Hotel Mi under one umbrella,...

Hyatt to Expand Brand FootPrint and Pipeline with Acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality
Oct 09, 2018 09:30 HKT

Addition of Alila, Destination, Joie de Vivre, Thompson and tommie brands to the Hyatt portfolio will strengthen Hyatt's lifestyle and wellbeing offerings for high-end travelers worldwide   HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - October 9, 2018 - Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) today...

Kampong Glam Ignites with Passion
Oct 05, 2018 09:15 HKT

Passion@KampongGlam is a lively series of fun weekend activities from 5 October 2018 -- 17 March 2019   SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 5 October 2018 - October 2018......The historical precinct of Kampong Glam will soon be pulsating with an exciting series of fun and...

Oct 03, 2018 14:00 HKT

嶄新全球計劃讓失落青年認識酒店業並獲得所需就業機會   香港,中國 - Media OutReach  - 2018年10月3日 - 凱悅酒店集團(紐約證券交易所代碼:H)今天宣佈推出嶄新的全球計劃RiseHY,旨在將酒店業的就業機會與有需要的青少年進行配對。作為該項計劃的其中一部分,世界各地的凱悅酒店承諾於2025年前招聘10,000名機會青年 -- 即年齡介乎16至24歲的非在學及非在職青少年。  ...

Hyatt Hotels Commit To Hiring 10,000 Opportunity Youth By 2025
Oct 02, 2018 14:00 HKT

New global program designed to introduce disconnected youth to hospitality, provide needed employment opportunities   CHICAGO, US - Media OutReach - Oct. 2 2018 - Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE:H) today announced the launch of RiseHY, a new global...

遊日人數再創新高 日本國家旅遊局料文化體驗成港人遊日新趨勢
Sep 29, 2018 17:10 HKT

首次舉辦「日本秋遊文化祭」商場活動 推廣「YURUTABI〇〇由我」自主遊日概念HK Express看準日本深度遊機遇 一連3日送14張來回日本機票 香港,中國 -  Media OutReach  - 2018年9月29日 - 日本國家旅遊局(Japan National Tourism Organization,簡稱JNTO)今日舉行 日本秋遊文化祭啟動禮...

Kegemaran Warga Lokal di Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Sep 28, 2018 12:20 HKT

Jelajahi budaya Hong Kong melalui kacamata seorang videografer pemenang penghargaan HONG KONG, TIONGKOK - Media OutReach - 28 September 2018 - Di balik gedung pencakar langit dan mal perbelanjaan, ada pengalaman dan hal menarik lain untuk dijelajahi di Hong...

Sep 28, 2018 12:20 HKT

从得奖摄影师的镜头中探索香港地道文化   香港,中国 - Media OutReach - 2018年9月28日 - 繁华密集的摩天高楼和购物商场,这是不少人熟悉的香港;其实香港还有另一个鲜为人知的世界等待您来探索。把焦点从许多知名景点中转移至深水埗 -这个社区每一条街道都散发着当地人日常生活的浓浓地道特色。  ...

홍콩 삼수이포에서 만나는 소소한 행복
Sep 28, 2018 12:20 HKT

수상 경력에 빛나는 비디오그래퍼가 담아낸 영상, 홍콩의 생활 문화 경험할 수 있어...

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