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How Hwee Yin, Consultant, PR Communications Singapore

“Their comprehensive and continuously updated database of media and journalists is the main reason they stand out from the numerous news distribution services out there”

Jasmine Yap, Executive Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson

“They have a solid media database, and as a result, the post coverage report is usually comprehensive. Media OutReach’s media monitoring service is customizable, with a user-friendly portal that helps us track, manage and generate reports easily. Overall, we are pleased with the services provided and recommend it.”

Florence Fang, Managing Director, Flame Communications

“The team is professional, and always try to go the extra mile to help. Plus their comprehensive media database gives us an extra boost, on top on the PR services that we provide to our clients. That’s a win-win partnership.”

Sharon Vu, formerly Marcoms Manager Far East Hospitality (now Marketing Manager with Kitchen Language)

“Their service provides us with a macro view of our trackings, and their real-time analysis service provides a convenient, all-in-one approach to our PR value received. With these findings, my team is able to generate detailed reports for all our properties, thereby streamlining our work that covers 8 countries in Asia Pacific.”

Louisa Wong, Senior Director Investor Relations, Xiao Nan Guo Holdings Limited

“Media OutReach has a very efficient media system that enables journalists to send through interview requests or questions, enabling a direct two-way communication, not seen in other newswire services.”

Ines Chin, Senior PR & Corporate Relations Manager, Asia Pacific, British Telecom(BT)

“I have used Media OutReach’s news monitoring services for years. The thing I like best about their portal is the coverage reports it generates.”

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Apr 06, 2017 19:00 HKT

民生消費強勁 非核心區商舖租金看俏

首季全港各商業區寫字樓吸納量重回正數,與去年相比分別明顯;跨國公司辦公室遷離中區的趨勢將會持續,以達致減省開支的目標;除銅鑼灣外,各核心區未來的商舖租金走勢仍然受壓;基於民生消費佔上風,不少戲院營辦者正瞄準非核心區,尋找新商機。   香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年4月6日 -...

Decentralization in office market to continue
Apr 06, 2017 19:00 HKT

Local consumption supports retail rental growth in non-core areas

Office absorption in all districts back in the black again, in big contrast to the market in 2016The decentralization trend continued for multinational corporations with cost-saving concernsTsimshatsui and Central retail rents continue to be under pressureA new wave of cinemas targets new...

Fresenius Medical Care completes acquisition of a 70% equity interest in Kunming Wuhua Healthcare Hospital Co. Ltd.
Apr 06, 2017 17:00 HKT

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - Apr 6, 2017 - Fresenius Medical Care, the world's leading provider of dialysis products and services announces the acquisition of 70% equity interest in Kunming Wuhua Health Hospital (Wuhua Hospital) in China, specialized in chronic-disease management and...

Apr 06, 2017 13:30 HKT


香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年4月6日 - 本港餐飲娛樂集團高門集團有限公司 (「高門」及其子公司:「集團」;港交所股份代號:8412),今天公佈於香港公開發售股份結果,香港公開發售錄得逾100倍超額認購,發售價定為每股0.34港元,定價為接近發售價範圍上限。高門股份將於2017年4月7日(星期五)於香港聯合交易所有限公司創業板開始買賣。  ...

BCI Group Holdings Limited announces its subscription results
Apr 06, 2017 13:30 HKT

Recorded more than 100 times over-subscription for its public offer

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 6 April 2017 - BCI Group Holdings Limited ("BCI", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; HKSE: 8412), a food and beverage and entertainment group based in Hong Kong, announces the subscription results for its shares (the "Shares") under the public offer...

Apr 06, 2017 11:30 HKT

香港,中国 - Media OutReach - 二零一七年四月六日 - 全国房地产二十强企业旭辉控股(集团)有限公司(「旭辉」或「集团」,港交所股份代号︰884)欣然宣布集团二零一七年三月实现合同销售人民币91.0亿元,按年增加约50%。二零一七年前三个月集团录得合同销售人民币232.6亿元,按年增加约110%。   集团二零一七年三月合同销售均价约人民币20,200元/平方米,按年(相对二零一六年三月)增加约15%,合同销售面积约451,000平方米。  ...

Apr 06, 2017 11:30 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 二零一七年四月六日 - 全國房地產二十強企業旭輝控股(集團)有限公司(「旭輝」或「集團」,港交所股份代號︰884)欣然宣佈集團二零一七年三月實現合同銷售人民幣91.0億元,按年增加約50%。二零一七年前三個月集團錄得合同銷售人民幣232.6億元,按年增加約110%。  ...

CIFI achieved substantial contracted sales YoY growth of 110% in 1Q 2017
Apr 06, 2017 11:30 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 6 April 2017 - CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. ("CIFI", or the "Group", HKSE: 884), one of the "Top 20 Real Estate Developers in China" is pleased to announce that contracted sales for March 2017 increased approximately 50% year-on-year to...

Apr 06, 2017 10:00 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年4月6日 - 納米及先進材料研發院(NAMI)一向致力支持本地企業,把尖端技術轉化成創新及具市場價值的產品,惠及社會大眾。NAMI 憑其創意技術,在第45屆日內瓦國際發明展2017 中獲頒9 面金牌及1面銀牌,其中4項金獎更屬評審團特別嘉許金獎,並獲得中國代表團發明及創新大獎,以及兩項特別大獎。NAMI代表團在45屆日內瓦國際發明展2017中獲得佳績  ...

High Recognition of NAMI’s Technology Inventions in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
Apr 06, 2017 10:00 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 6 April 2017 - Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) is committed to supporting the local enterprises by turning cutting-edge technologies into innovative and marketable products that are beneficial to the society. NAMI's inventions were highly...

Asia Property Awards 2017 programme revamped to include 14 markets
Apr 06, 2017 10:00 HKT

Now celebrating its 12th year, the region’s most prestigious real estate awards series goes Asia-wide

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 April 2017 -   New markets joining the 2017 series include Mongolia, Laos, Sri Lanka, India and the MaldivesChina, Hong Kong and Macau will be in incorporated into the two-night grand finale in SingaporeCountry winners will compete for regional accolades for...

花旗大樓榮獲美國綠色建築協會頒發LEED 白金級認證
Apr 05, 2017 15:30 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年4月5日 - 花旗集團 (紐約證交所買賣股份代號:C)   花旗大樓 (Citi Tower at One Bay East) 獲頒發領先能源與環境設計 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, 簡稱 LEED) 白金級認證,成為花旗集團最新一幢榮獲該項殊榮的項目,是項認證為國際綠色建築認證權威美國綠色建築協會 (US Green Building Council) 授予建築物之最高評級。...

Citi Tower Awarded LEED Platinum Certification by U.S. Green Building Council
Apr 05, 2017 15:30 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - April 5, 2017 - Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C)   Citi Tower at One Bay East is the latest Citi-owned building to have been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council -- the...

Avnet Launches ‘Reach Further’
Apr 04, 2017 12:00 HKT

New brand reflects the company’s purpose of guiding today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology

PHOENIX - Media OutReach - April 4, 2017 - Highlighting its ongoing mission to help customers navigate an ever-changing technology landscape, Avnet (NYSE: AVT) today introduced "Reach Further," its new global branding campaign. Reach Further reflects Avnet's corporate...

DFA 디자인 포 아시아 어워드 2017
Apr 03, 2017 12:30 HKT

새로운 카테고리 추가해 디자인 우수성 더욱 폭넓게 평가

홍콩 - Media OutReach - 2017년 4월 3일 - 디자인은 아름답게 만드는 행위에 국한되는 것이 아니라 우리가...

DFAアジアデザイン賞 2017
Apr 03, 2017 12:30 HKT


中国香港 - Media OutReach  -  2017年4月3日 -  デザインとは美しさを超えるものです。 デザインは向き合い方であり、 革新的思考、...

Apr 03, 2017 12:30 HKT


香港,中国 - Media OutReach - 2017年4月3日 - 设计不仅是视觉上的美,亦是一种态度及创意创新的表态。卓越的设计往往以人往本,为城市、经济提出解决方案和提升人民的福祉。   图片说明:DFA亚洲最具影响力设计奖2017...

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017
Apr 03, 2017 12:30 HKT

New Categories for More Design Excellence

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 3 April 2017 - Design is beyond aesthetics. It presents an attitude, innovative thinking, creative confidence and a people-centric approach towards problem solving which ultimately leads to the betterment of the social and economic well-being of a...

Mar 31, 2017 12:00 HKT


香港,中国 - Media OutReach - 2017年3月31日 - 华众车载控股有限公司(「华众车载」或「公司」,股份代号:6830.HK)   财务摘要 截至12月31日止 2016年 人民币元 2015年 人民币元 变动 收益 1,740,000,000 1,640,000,000...

Huazhong In-Vehicle Announces 2016 Annual Results
Mar 31, 2017 12:00 HKT

Profit Attributable to the Owners of the Parent Increased 51%

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 31 March 2017 - Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Company Limited ("Huazhong In-Vehicle" or the "Company", HKSE: 6830)   Financial Highlights For the year ended 31 December 2016 RMB 2015 RMB Change Revenue...